Our Fantastic Venues and Where to Stay

Stamford is a beautiful historic town, located on the River Welland on the outskirts of Lincolnshire. Steeped in culture and the arts, it boasts not only a number of excellent performance venues but also lovely places to stay if you're travelling far. Find out where we'll be playing this year, then book your tickets here.

Our thanks go to all of the venues that have offered their services for the duration of our festival. Want to help ensure we can come back next year? There are plenty of different ways you can help the festival. Find out more here.

Stamford Methodist Church

Our inaugural 2018 evening concert was held in the delightful Stamford Methodist Church. Though first built over 130 years ago, this wonderful church remains vital to the Stamford community as a venue for lectures, gatherings, and an informal cafe. Its open space provides ample room for concerts and we were delighted to open last year's festival here with an evening of string quartets.

Browne's Hospital

Browne's Hospital, one of Stamford's most recognisable historical landmarks, traces its long history back to the late 1400s. In April 2018, it offered an intimate venue for our two lunchtime chamber performances.

Oswald Elliott Hall

The Oswald Elliott Hall is the heart of the performing arts at the Stamford Endowed Schools. A state-of-the-art performance space, it made for the perfect venue for our two major weekend evening concerts in 2018, featuring the wonderful Clara Rodriguez and our grand festival finale.

Accommodation & Travel

Travelling far for the festival? Though set in the midst of the rural midlands, Stamford is still only 2 hours away from London by car or taxi. If you're thinking of coming by train, the closest major station is Peterborough with direct connections to London and the North, and just 20 minutes away from Stamford in the car.

A historic tourist town, Stamford is also home to a handsome number of beautiful hotels, bed and breakfasts, pubs, eateries, restaurants, and private accommodation just a click away. Take a look at the following sites to see what's available: